BESTF Eranet

BESTF  - Bioenergy Sustaining the Future

Bioenergy demonstrations of the European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative

A consortium of eight EU Member States and Associated Countries, including the UK, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland, is implementing BESTF ERANET. This activity will provide funding to collaborative bioenergy projects that demonstrate at least one innovative step and will result in demonstration at a pre-commercial stage. 

BESTF funds will support demonstration projects in one or more of these seven value chains:

•  Synthetic liquid fuels and/or hydrocarbons and blending components via gasification
•  Bio-methane and other synthetic gaseous fuels from biomass via gasification
•  High-efficiency heat and power generation via gasification of biomass
•  Bioenergy carriers via other thermochemical processes (e.g. pyrolysis, torrefaction)
•  Ethanol and higher alcohols from ligno-cellulosic feedstock via fermentation
•  Renewable hydrocarbons through biological and/or chemical synthesis from biomass containing carbohydrates
•  Bioenergy carriers from CO2 and sunlight through microorganism-based production and upgrading into fuels and valuable bio-products

Within the timeframe of each project, applied research will be moved into demonstration. Funding may also include supporting research and development (R&D) or necessary piloting measures.

Key Dates

The competition is expected to open January 2012. The deadline for first stage (full) submissions is planned for March 2013.

January 7th 2013  Call launch

March 27th 2013  Stage 1 (full) submission deadline

August 16th 2013   Stage 2 submission deadline [exact date TBC]

January 2014   Potential Projects start date

BESTF Project Eligibility

•  Projects have to be industry-led
•  Involve active participation of at least two parties from two different participating Member States.  Denmark, Finland, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland and UK.
•  Projects have to be at an appropriate stage of development to deliver a pre-commercial demonstration during the timescale of the project.
• Proposals must address one or more of the seven value chains outlined under the call scope.

UK Participation in BESTF

The Department of Energy and Climate Change, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and the Technology Strategy Board have allocated a budget of up to €8 million to fund eligible UK industry and academic applicants.

• UK industry applicants are eligible for both operational and capital costs. See eligible costs in the Industrial  Eligible Costs document
• UK Industrial partners will attract up to 50% public funding for eligible project costs
• UK academics collaborative research between an eligible UK academic and a EU company is eligible, providing that the company has a presence in the UK via only R&D or manufacturing capacity. Where it has been identified that no UK company has the capacity to take the work forward, collaboration between a UK academic and an EU company can also be eligible, but there will need to be an effective case made about the lack of a UK company before the BBSRC will agree to support the UK academic.

Further information

Early market engagement document

UK eligibility document


Technical questions

Ewa Bloch (TSB) +44 (0) 777 137 2409; email:
Megan Cooper (DECC)  +44 300 068 6298, email:
Merlin Goldman (TSB) +44 1793 442738; e-mail:

Industry Eligible Questions

Graham Mobbs +44 (0)7824 599585 e-mail:

Academic Eligible Questions

Colin Miles (BBSRC) +44 (0) 1793 413359 e-mail:

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