IC Tomorrow

IC Tomorrow

What is IC tomorrow?

IC tomorrow is a Technology Strategy Board programme based in London’s Tech City. It aims to stimulate innovation and economic growth in the digital sector, by breaking down barriers and opening doors for a new generation of entrepreneurs.

The IC tomorrow network connects digital innovators with leading rights holders, content providers and investors across the UK, through funded contests, events, strategic matchmaking opportunities and its online network. IC tomorrow promotes and supports innovation across a variety of sectors including music, publishing, games, film & TV and culture. IC tomorrow also provides a free to use trial management platform for UK-based digital innovators.

Benefits to Business


IC tomorrow runs a range of funded contests across the digital and creative sectors. These contests are run in partnership with leading contest/challenge partners who help to set relevant challenges that will encourage innovation in new digital applications or services. Contest applicants can benefit from the funding that is awarded to successful companies to develop their proposed solutions and grow their businesses; gain from exposure to a range of leading content providers and rights holders; test their proposed application or service with those partner companies and organisations; promote their prototype solution via the IC tomorrow programme; receive support in resolving content delivery, licensing and metadata issues related to their proposed application or service; register on the IC tomorrow digital test bed and retain their intellectual property.

Strategic matchmaking

 IC tomorrow hosts a variety of events, pitching sessions and facilitated strategic matchmaking opportunities for their network. These offer leading companies and content owners the opportunity to meet innovative digital startups and entrepreneurs with new applications and services that will help to drive innovation in their sectors. The startups gain from the access which IC tomorrow is able to provide to valuable business connections and leads with key industry stakeholders to help to spur their journey from concept to commercialisation.

Digital testbed 

IC tomorrow includes a free-to-use trial management platform for UK-based digital innovators and rights holders to connect and test new business models.

Who is eligible?

IC tomorrow is an innovation programme which is open to UK-based individuals, organisations and companies who are interested in joining their network of nearly 2500 digital innovators, content providers and investors - and counting - to seek funding opportunities, make valuable connections and stimulate innovation and growth for individuals and businesses through technology enabled innovation.

How do I find out more or apply?

To find out more about IC tomorrow please visit their website at ictomorrow.co.uk or follow @ICtomorrow on Twitter. For more information about the digital testbed please visit ictomorrow.co.uk/testbed

To contact the IC tomorrow team please email support@ictomorrow.co.uk or phone 0300 321 4358 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.


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