What are launchpads?

Launchpads provide funding for business innovation that aims to support the development and strengthening of clusters of high-tech companies in specific theme areas and geographical locations. They provide base funding through dedicated Technology Strategy Board competitions for approved research and development projects and act as a catalyst to help the companies behind the projects to attract more investment.

In 2011 a launchpad competition was launched for the emerging 'Tech City' around Shoreditch in East London. The competition looked for exciting and innovative projects that may be too risky for companies to go it alone, or that may take them into new areas. 18 projects were funded through the Tech City launchpad; for an update on these projects and how they are doing one year on, click here

Benefits to business

Due to the concentration of expertise within these clusters of businesses there are often advantages of speed and knowledge transfer which we want to encourage. We do not create the clusters, but we support their development and create opportunity for smaller businesses by providing strong funding that will then have to be matched by private sector funds from investors such as venture capitalists and business angels.

Who is eligible?

Launchpad competitions are open to small and medium sized companies seeking funding for innovative projects in specific theme areas in specific geographical locations. Eligibility will vary depending on individual launchpad competitions. Check the specific competition's documents for further information.

Our priorities

In 2012-13 we plan to run three more launchpad competitions investing up to £6m to support digital business clusters. Further details will be available soon.

How do I find out more information or apply?

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