Standards and technical interoperability

Standards and technical interoperability

The overall aim of this work is to raise awareness about, and participation in, the many different standards involved in the delivery of assisted living products and services, in order to maximise technical interoperability, whilst ensuring client safety and security within a financially viable public/private deployment environment.

The need for work in standards was identified during the preparation for the ALIP and in the priority setting workshops, when it became clear that there was a lack of knowledge across the technical community about the large number of standards, guidelines and regulation involved in Assisted Living goods and services.

The standards impacting interoperability in the Assisted Living domain either in place or in development (as opposed to product based standards such as those for social alarms) have not been designed 'from the ground up'. Although largely unattainable from a strict implementation perspective, the ISO Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model provides a useful basis for considering the work that needs to be brought together to provide meaningful interoperability in Assisted Living. However there is a difference in how the issues are approached from various perspectives (e.g. telecoms networks or software etc). This needs to be addressed in order to ensure that the UK is not locked into an infrastructure that, in a global market, is rapidly becoming unsustainable.

Full interoperability isn’t feasible in the short term, but the more we can work towards it, the greater the cost benefit to innovators, service suppliers and the taxpayer.

To this end we have commenced a programme of activity through our Knowledge Transfer Network with the following specific objectives:

  • To increase awareness of, and participation in standards making bodies and regulation that will realise the aim of improving interoperability
  • To increase UK influence in standards making and regulatory bodies relevant to ALIP use of standards
  • To deliver themed workshops/seminars relevant to ALIP use of standards
  • To connect relevant UK programmes/networks with standards making bodies and regulation
  • To disseminate, develop and maintain the ALIP standards strategy document
  • To ensure a knowledge repository of ALIP meetings and high level information

Photography by Giulio Mazzarini for the Design Council

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