Integrated Delivery Programme

The Integrated Delivery Programme is an investment programme, jointly funded by Government and business that will help to speed up the introduction of new low carbon vehicles onto UK's roads. The Programme will co-ordinate the UK's low carbon vehicle activity from initial strategic research through collaborative research and development, leading to the production of demonstration vehicles.

To date, the Office for Low Emission Vehicles, the Department for Transport, the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), Advantage West Midlands, One North East and Invest Northern Ireland have agreed to invest in the programme, and we will continue to seek further support from other national, regional and devolved bodies.

The Integrated Delivery Programme will feature:

  • A strategic programme of university-based research targeted towards future technologies for which there are good prospects of commercialisation in the long term
  • An industry-led advisory panel that will help shape the technological direction and priorities for the programme.  It will be composed of representatives of leading elements of the UK automotive industry and low carbon vehicle technology developers, as well as relevant academic experts
  • Flexible rolling opportunities for industry to seek support for high quality collaborative research and development proposals which take technology through to system or vehicle concept readiness
  • Funding to support trialing and demonstration of particularly innovative lower carbon vehicle options.

The programme will be managed utilising a Funder's Panel with an industry focused Advisory Panel providing input into the areas of strategic research needed. There will be several separate competitions throughout the life of the programme, with the subject of these competitions based on strategic research and development needs as advised by the Advisory Panel.

Below is a list of the previously run competitions and links to the currently live competitions:

Integrated Delivery Programme Competition 1
Now closed - Ultra-Efficient Systems for the Market Advancement of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles.

Integrated Delivery Programme Competition 2
Now closed - Aligned to the NAIGT roadmap and research agenda, the competition aims to accelerate research and development leading to the reduction of carbon emissions from mass market road vehicles. Click here for more details.

Integrated Delivery Programme Competition 3

Now closed - This call invited outline proposals for small-scale, short term feasibility projects exploring future technologies that might contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions from the UK vehicle market and so help support the uptake of low carbon vehicles. This call is being run by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) in conjunction with the Technology Strategy Board's Integrated Delivery Programme (IDP) where it forms the strategic portfolio of that activity, supporting the flow of research ideas into the IDP from academia.

Integrated Delivery Programme Competition 4
Now closed - Please click here for more information.

Integrated Delivery Programme Competition 5 

Now closed - This competition, being run by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), invites applications to attend a consortium building workshop, which will explore research challenges in a number of technical areas supporting the development of low carbon vehicles:

  • electric machines and power electronics
  • lightweight and powertrain structures
  • hybrid power trains - control & optimisation.

Up to £6 million is available

For more information see the EPSRC website []

Integrated Delivery Programme Competition 6 

Now closed - The Technology Strategy Board is launching a £9m competition as part of the Integrated Delivery Programme, with up to £1m aimed at feasibility studies and up to £8m aimed at collaborative research and development.



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