Working in partnership

Effective partnership with other bodies is fundamental to the role of the Technology Strategy Board.

The Government's spending review has allocated over £1 billion to the Technology Strategy Board over the four year period, 2011-15,  which will be invested in support for business-led R&D.

We work closely with other organisations who are involved in innovation, research and technology, combining and focusing resources. Programmes and activities are often jointly funded with research councils, government departments and the devolved administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Innovation Infrastructure Partners
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We are working with BIS and our Innovation Infrastructure Partners to implement the recommendations in the BIS 'Innovation Infrastructure Report  - Working towards an Innovation System' (PDF, May 2010). Further information on the Innovation Infrastructure project and partners is available from the BIS website


Research Councils

The Research Councils are the main public investors in fundamental research in the UK with interests ranging from bio-medicine and particle physics to the environment, engineering and economic research. RCUK works alongside BIS to support the UK's finest academic researchers and to ensure the best investment of public money in research.

The Digital Economy Programme

The Technology Strategy Board is working in partnership with the Research Councils through the Cross-Research Council Digital Economy Programme. The aim of the Digital Economy Programme is to realise the transformational impact of ICT for all aspects of business, society and government.

Local Enterprise Partnerships

In July 2010, the Government announced plans to set up a network of Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) across England.  To date almost 40 LEPs have been established, which together now cover almost the whole of the country. Led by local authorities and the private sector, LEPs are encouraging business and civic leaders to work together, aiming to drive sustainable economic growth and provide the conditions for private sector job creation in their communities.  Further information about LEPs is availaible here .

The Government has made clear that it is for each LEP to decide its own strategy and priorities in line with local needs, but it is likely that these will include a focus on local planning and infrastructure and working with national and local partners to support enterprise, innovation, global trade and inward investment.

The Technology Strategy Board recognises the valuable role that LEPs can play in promoting and supporting innovation, and is keen to develop strong and effective relationships with them.  We are now building a regular ongoing dialogue with a number of LEPs across England, and are keen to further develop and extend these contacts. We would be pleased to hear from any LEPs who would like to work with us and to explore the opportunities for joint working and collaboration, including raising the awareness and engagement of innovative businesses based in LEP areas in Technology Strategy Board programmes and activities. 

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