What are demonstrators?

Demonstrators enable large-scale testing of new products and services in the real world – including those whose development we have funded as Feasibility projects.

They bring partners together to validate ideas, overcoming barriers and moving new products closer to wider application.

 We have enabled effective demonstrators in areas such as low carbon vehicles , home retrofit  and digital products, and are now developing dallas (Delivering Assisted Living Lifestyles at Scale) - a major four-year demonstrator programme within the Assisted Living Innovation Platform.

Through dallas we will establish up to four demonstration communities of at least 10,000 people each, to show how assisted living technologies and services can promote well-being and help people to live independently.  To find out more, see our dallas special interest group. [] 

We are also establishing a future cities demonstrator that will demonstrate at scale, and in use, the additional value that can be created by integrating city systems. To find out more, see our Future Cities special interest group [].

Benefits to business

Our dallas demonstrator programme will help to grow the assisted living sector and position UK companies to take advantage of increasing global demand for assisted living goods and services. It will unlock new markets in social innovation, service innovation and wellness, enabled by technology, and show that technologies and services can be made available at a sufficient scale and cost to enable independent living.

Our Future Cities programme will enable businesses to test, in practice, new solutions for connecting and integrating city systems, and will allow UK cities to explore new approaches to delivering a good local economy and excellent quality of life, whilst reducing the environmental footprint and increasing resilience to environmental change.

Our low carbon vehicle demonstration trial helped operators establish and run fleets of alternative and dual-fuel heavy-goods vehicles, and electric and hybrid commercial vehicles by part funding both the difference in capital cost between the traditional vehicles and their low carbon equivalents, and the refuelling/charging point for use by the trial fleet. The aim of the programme was to encourage the widespread introduction of low carbon vehicles to UK fleets, helping the UK to meet its targets on CO2 reduction and reducing fleet operating costs.

 Our priorities

In 2012-13 we will develop a follow-up to our Retrofit for the Future programme, concentrating on improving the environmental performance of non-domestic buildings, and will also continue to establish our demonstrator programme in future cities city system integration, with £25m of funding.

Who is eligible?

Eligibility criteria will vary depending on the programme.  To find out about future demonstrator programmes sign up to receive our email updates [/news-media/sign-up-follow-us.ashx]. 

How do I find out more information?

Visit one of our Special Interest Groups to find out more: 

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