The Technology Strategy Board's role is to promote and invest in UK business innovation, for the benefit of business and the wider economy and also to enhance quality of life.  We recognise that for businesses to be successful and deliver sustained economic growth over the medium to long term, they must innovate in ways that enable them to deliver new products, processes and services while managing human and physical resources in a sustainable way.

We place a high priority on helping UK businesses to innovate in ways that will ensure long-term economic growth in the context of the new market opportunities presented by:

  • Increasing demand for energy security and efficiency
  • Increasing scarcity and costs of raw materials
  • Climate change and increasing demand for low-carbon energy
  • Decreasing acceptance of exploitative employment practices
  • An ageing and more needy population
  • Decreasing tolerance of polluting business practices

To this end we will optimise the sustainability of our investments through a focus on areas where we believe there are significant sustainable markets and prioritise projects which show sustainable innovation.

See our Sustainability focus area for the latest news and funding opportunities in this area.

Examples of investment decision areas that address sustainable innovation include:

For funding competitions entrants this means that the Technology Strategy Board will be paying close attention to those parts of project proposals referring to sustainability.  In the short term, we will expect applicants to explain how their proposed projects would contribute to the sustainability agenda and in particular how they would contribute to:

  • sustained economic/business benefit
  • long-term improvements in efficiency of energy and resource use
  • A shift from using scarce and high-environmental impact resources towards more abundant and lower impact ones
  • reduced waste and pollution
  • improved quality of life

Details of how we will assess this will be communicated to applicants during the applications process.

The Technology Strategy Board accepts the Brundtland Commission's definition of sustainability as that which "meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs", and takes this rationale into account when evolving programmes and projects. This follows from an accepted position on man-made climate change, and the depletion of resources. Internally, we will use a process of continuous improvement to reduce the environmental impact of our own operations.

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