Governing Board meetings, 2010

25th Meeting, December 2010, Technology Strategy Board, Swindon. The Board:

  • Discussed the process that would be used to formulate the Strategic Plan by early 2011.
  • Discussed an approach to developing the future investment portfolio and some of the elements that would include.
  • Discussed the implementation of a programme of technology and innovation centres.
  • Met Technology Strategy Board heads of department and other staff to discuss the work of the Board in detail

24th Meeting, October 2010, The Wellcome Collection, London. The Board:

  • Discussed the outcome of the review into NDPBs
  • Approved the launch of a new innovation platform in the area of Stratified medicines.
  • Discussed key elements of its forthcoming Strategic Plan including technology and innovation centres, and innovation metrics

23rd Meeting, July 2010, NESTA, London. The Board:

  • Discussed the implications for the Technology Strategy Board of the change in Government.
  • Received a presentation from NESTA on the report “Rebalancing the Economy”
  • Discussed its approach to the forthcoming spending review
  • Discussed its plans for developing its next Strategic Plan

22nd Meeting, May 2010, University of Surrey, Guildford. The Board:

  • Discussed its approach to technology and innovation centres.
  • Discussed its response to the government’s review of arms’ length bodies
  • Discussed its plans for developing its next Strategic Plan
  • Visited Surrey Satellite Technology Limited

21st Meeting, March 2010, Edinburgh. The Board:

  • Discussed its relationship with Scottish institutions
  • Visited the Scottish Parliament and met Nicola Sturgeon, Deputy First Ministe
  • Hosted a seminar with some 180 invited Scottish business, government and academic  stakeholders. This was followed by a  dinner with some selected guests including John Swinney MSP, and Lord Wilson of Tillyorn.
  • Discussed its role in the Hauser review of technology and innovation centres.
  • Discussed plans to form a new UK Space Agency and the impact this would have on the Technology Strategy Board.
  • Discussed options for new innovation platforms
  • Discussed the issues that may arise in the forthcoming spending review
  • Approved its 2010 Delivery Plan
  • Visited the Royal Society of Edinburgh, met the heads of several Scottish Universities and visited the University of Edinburgh

Twentieth  Meeting, January 2010, RSA, London. The Board:

  • Discussed its approach to evaluating the success of its programmes and using metrics to inform future investment decisions
  • Discussed its budget and draft delivery plan
  • Met the Chairs of the KTNs and discussed the role of the KTNs


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