Governing board meetings 2012

 32nd Meeting, January 2012, London. The Board:

• Discussed progress in establishing the set of Catapults
• Approved the establishment of a Catapult in Offshore Renewable Energy
• Discussed the content of the 2012/13 Delivery Plan
• Discussed its own ways of working and practices

33rd Meeting, March 2012, Daresbury. The Board:

• Examined outputs from the Low-Carbon vehicles Innovation Platform
• Approved the 2012/13 Delivery Plan
• Approved the establishment of the Satellite Applications Catapult
• Met in informal session with experts from across the research base policy area including leaders from the research councils, funding councils and universities to discuss issues of common interest.
• Discussed its strategy for engaging the research base in the context of the output from the Wilson Review.
• Discussed its own ways of working and practices

34th Meeting, May 2012, London. The Board:

• Discussed the range or economic and growth related reviews currently under way in Government
• Monitored progress in establishing the set of Catapults
• Discussed plans for the next Innovate event
• Approved the extension of the Low-Carbon vehicles Innovation Platform for 2 further years
• Discussed its networking strategy
• Agreed the process for delivering the remaining Catapults
• Discussed its own ways of working and practices and its review of governance

At its 35th meeting, held at the Cisco Offices, London, the Board:

• Reviewed its financial situation
• Reviewed plans for the Future Cities Catapult
• Discussed developments in its networking strategy
• Agreed to start working on a range of topics towards developing its future strategy
• Resolved to launch a project to develop the Technology Strategy Board brand

At its 36th meeting, held at the High Value Manufacturing Catapult’s Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), the Board:

• Approved the launch of the Connected Digital Economy Catapult
• DIscussed and agreed the key issues it needed to work on to develop its future strategy
• Discussed the outcome of its 2012 Talent Review
• Agreed a new Board Operating Framework
• Appointed Bob Sorrell and Stewart Davies to membership of the Audit Committee
• Appointed Hazel Moore to membership of the Remuneration Committee
• Approved new terms of reference for the Audit Committee
• Agreed to hold an open access Board session at Innovate on 12th March 2013 to allow better engagement between the Board and its relevant stakeholders
• Approved a new risk policy and risk appetite statement
• Visited the facilities and met the customers of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult's Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)

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