Ultra Low Carbon Vehicle Demonstrator Programme

The ultra low carbon vehicle demonstrator programme is resulting in around 340 new innovative cars on the road in locations around the UK, and is believed to be Europe's largest co-ordinated real-world trial of low carbon vehicles.

The programme is based on a recognition of the powerful value of demonstrating new and emerging low carbon vehicle technology in real world situations. The programme made available funding of around £25m to provide some of the costs for business-led demonstration projects of vehicles with tailpipe emissions of 50g CO2/km or less and a significant zero tailpipe emission only range.

Consortia running projects included major and niche vehicle manufacturers, local authorities, power companies and universities. Data from the trials is logged, and as well as technical information the demonstration aims to fully consider the attitudes of consumers.

Key outcomes

  • Real-world testing through in-vehicle data logging
  • Exposure to multiple drivers and drive cycles
  • Opportunity to understand customer perceptions and concerns
  • Identify challenges with infrastructure interface
  • Inform future demonstrator activity within the Low Carbon Vehicle Integrated Delivery Programme.

Stop Press: Initial findings from the first three months of data across all the vehicles in the trial have now been published.

In September 2011 a report was published summarising the usage data in the trials to date, together with the first three months of perception survey data. The findings, collected from the on-board computers and face to face surveys, showed that participants in the trial quickly met the challenges of switching to an ultra low carbon vehicle and the majority felt that they met their daily needs. To read the report follow the link on the left.

A full data report on the trial will be published then all the vehicles have completed 12 months of trials, towards the middle of 2012.

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