Technology Strategy Board outlines its plans to invest in energy innovation

08 May 2008

The Technology Strategy Board sets out plans to address the challenge of energy generation and supply by stimulating investment in innovation.

At the launch of its three-year strategic plan in London, the Technology Strategy Board today set out its proposals for promoting and investing in innovation in energy generation and supply, to help address the challenges of climate change and the secure supply of energy while generating business benefit for the UK. 

Covering oil and gas extraction, energy generation through fossil and low carbon sources, and distributed and centralised energy supply, the investments will aim to:

  • provide enhanced security of supply by maximising the recovery of UK natural fuel resources and developing a portfolio of low-carbon energy technologies, and
  • reduce the environmental impact of energy generation and supply through the development of low carbon technology solutions.

Taking into account the current energy innovation landscape, the Technology Strategy Board has identified the need for investment in technologies for energy generation and supply during the period 2008-2011.  Working closely with other funding bodies and Government departments the Technology Strategy Board says that it will:

  • Directly invest in innovative research and development projects in areas such as carbon abatement technologies for fossil power plants, fuel cells, hydrogen and technologies for the maximisation of oil and gas indigenous resources.
  • Invest through, or jointly with, other organisations in offshore wind and marine power.
  • Work to identify, invest in and deliver additional benefits into the energy generation and supply innovation chain (for example in biofuels, microgeneration and through underpinning technologies).
  • Encourage the flow of people and ideas to stimulate more innovative approaches to energy technologies by:

     - Leveraging on centres of expertise in energy technologies supported by the Research Councils, in order to provide businesses with access to the expertise; 

     - Investing in projects undertaken by academics to solve specific business problems;

     - Exploring possibilities of international, business to business or business to science Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, to stimulate the flow of knowledge and people between UK leading players and with international leaders.

  • Focus on the support and enhanced co-ordination of knowledge transfer activities specifically to achieve the Technology Strategy Board objectives of driving knowledge exchange in the business communities and informing government of key technology needs to help shape the organisation's future programme.

Speaking at today's launch, the Technology Strategy Board's lead technologist for Energy Generation and Supply, Derek Allen, said: "The magnitude of the challenge, the broad portfolio of technologies needed and the requirements for innovative solutions in energy, are such that no single organisation can realistically take responsibility for all the elements of the innovation chain - so co-ordination and co-operation are crucial.  The Technology Strategy Board works closely with key players in the UK energy innovation chain, such as the Energy Technologies Institute, the Carbon Trust, BERR, the Research Councils, Regional Development Agencies and Devolved Administrations. Continuous dialogue will ensure we develop complementary programmes, avoiding both duplication and technology gaps".

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