Building designers invited to engage in climate change innovation challenge

20 May 2010

Building design teams are being invited to compete for a total of just under £5m investment in projects that will devise ways of adapting buildings so that they can withstand climate change. The Technology Strategy Board will invest a total of £2.5m in the research and development project in 2010 and a further £2.4 m in 2011.

Building designers are being challenged to come up with proposals to show how they would adapt a building that they are currently working on with a construction client, so that it could cope with the future climate.

Iain Gray, Chief Executive of the Technology Strategy Board said:

"We need to make sure that our buildings can withstand changes in the climate over the next 100 years and remain usable. We are already designing and constructing buildings that use less energy and reduce CO2 emissions; now we need to make sure they are resilient and adaptable to the climate change we will see over the next decades. This programme will help UK industry to tap into the market opportunity for climate adaptation services."

The findings of the research that teams conduct will be published by the Technology Strategy Board, providing the entire building design sector with valuable data that will help to accelerate the development of innovative solutions to climate adaptation for buildings.

The competition will focus on large scale building projects aimed at low impact standards, both new build and major refurbishment. Individual businesses will be awarded contracts worth up to 100k to cover the costs of developing an adaptation strategy and will be required to answer five key questions, in order complete their full proposal. *

They will cover points such as the level of risk that a building is exposed to as a result of climate change, the best routes to adapting a building for future climates, the best way to carry out adaptation work and how to work out when to recommend that adaptation work should take place on a building. Ends

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Companies and other organisations seeking further information about these and other funding competitions should visit the competitions page of the Technology Strategy Board website email or phone the Competitions Helpline at 01355 272155

Press enquiries should be directed to Claire Cunningham, Media Relations Manager, Technology Strategy Board.

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