£15m programme to stimulate food industry growth

£15m programme to stimulate food industry growth

14 Mar 2012

£15 million is to be invested by the Government in new research and development projects and studies that will stimulate innovation and growth in the UK’s food industries.

Up to £15 million will be invested in major R&D projects that increase the efficiency, sustainability and competitiveness of the food processing and manufacturing sector, focussing on increasing efficiency and reducing supply chain waste.  A further £500,000 – targeted at micro, small and medium-sized companies – will be provided for feasibility studies that will consider better and more cost effective systems and processes, and the delivery of better products and services across the broader agri-food sector.

The Food Processing and Manufacturing Efficiency competition for collaborative research and development funding will be managed by the Technology Strategy Board in partnership with Defra, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and the Scottish Government.  The partners are also contributors to the Global Food Security programme.

The primary focus of this competition will be downstream of the ‘farm gate’ so proposals for projects, which must be business led, will need to secure industrial leadership from the food processing, manufacturing, distribution, retail or food service sectors, rather than those involved in primary production.  However, proposals that may generate opportunities for innovation in relevant aspects of primary production are not ruled out.  The competition will open on 11 June 2012 and expressions of interest must be submitted by 18 July 2012.  Further information is available at: FPME competition

The Innovation for Growth in Agriculture, Food and Drink competition for feasibility study funding is jointly-financed by the Technology Strategy Board and Defra.   Grants of up to £25,000 will be available for feasibility studies that will support the rapid development of an innovative idea and demonstrate its practical feasibility.

Open only to micro companies and SMEs, applications will be through a two-minute video submission and a written submission.  The competition opens on 16 April 2012, the registration deadline is 16 May 2012 and the deadline for applications and video submissions is 30 May 2012.  A series of regional workshops, to explain the competition process, rules and application procedure in more detail, will be held across the country between 20 March and 4 April, followed by a briefing event on 24 April.  Further information is available at Innovation for Growth competition.

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