Keeping Cool in San Francisco

24 Feb 2010

It's been a busy few days for the 19 UK clean-tech companies who ventured to San Francisco with the Technology Strategy Board's Clean & Cool Mission 2010. But, rather than keeping their experiences to themselves, they've been blogging so you can stay up to date with exactly what's happening on the Clean & Cool Mission blog (

Highlights to date include reactions from the companies to face-to-face meetings with US venture capitalists - a real Dragon's Den moment (

If you're wondering what on earth these companies are doing in San Francisco in the first place, and what they hope to get out of it, there's a video that explains exactly what you need to know (

The delegates also found out what it takes to be successful in the US and how to become part of the Silicon Valley business 'ecosystem' in specially-organised master class, which covered everything from tips on banking to business culture. Read the full report here:

The heads of three companies on the Mission - Breathing Buildings, Nexeon and Aquamarine Power - also share their own experiences so far in some insightful posts - make sure to check them out at

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