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14 May 2009




The development of the next generation of internet access technology - Ultra Fast Broadband - looks set to be accelerated following the start of over a dozen innovative research and development feasibility projects - and the result could be a major change in the way that businesses operate across the world.

The Technology Strategy Board - the organisation that drives technological innovation in the UK - is investing £1 million to help companies carry out initial research that will ultimately lead to the introduction of internet access technology with speeds of between 1 and 10Gb/s - 100 to 1000 times faster than current broadband speeds.

The feasibility projects - each costing between £30,000 and £100,000 - will, in turn, help establish European collaborations that will participate in larger EU-funded research and development initiatives.  The ultimate aim, the development of pan-European Ultra Fast Broadband, could see European companies gaining a massive competitive advantage on a global scale.

Explaining the potential long-term impact of Ultra Fast Broadband, Mike Biddle, lead technologist at the Technology Strategy Board, said: "Putting together an optical broadband capability across the whole of Europe, will fundamentally change the way that businesses operate and will give European companies a major competitive edge.  Imagine the efficiencies that could be achieved through broadband that is up to 1,000 times faster than we have now.  Then add the opportunities for more flexible working arrangements, including an increase remote working and you begin to see the many advantages."

Commenting on the decision to fund the projects, Mike Biddle, added: "The challenge is to identify ways to address the technical issues facing the introduction of Ultra-Fast Broadband within the next decade and to build European collaborations to exploit the technology, while generating wealth for the UK.  Our intention in providing this funding is to help British companies establish future European collaborations that will participate in larger EU funding initiatives." (ENDS)

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Nick Sheppard
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Technology Strategy Board
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Claire Cunningham
Media Relations Manager
Technology Strategy Board
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