UK’s Top "Web Economy" Technology Companies to Visit Silicon Valley

 UK’s Top

15 Feb 2011

A select group of the UK’s most successful, fast-growing technology companies have been awarded the opportunity to take part in a trade mission to Silicon Valley in the US. For one week they will showcase their unique technologies and work towards opening up their businesses to an international market.

The Web Mission 2011 will give the entrepreneurs behind 18 growing web technology companies the opportunity to engage with top people from US technology businesses such as Twitter. Over $60m has been raised in private finance by companies that attended two previous Web Missions.

The mission is sponsored by; the Technology Strategy Board, UK Trade and Investment and Orrick’s Emerging Companies Group and supported and delivered by partners; Polecat, the Co-Sponsorship Agency and The Long Run Venture. The goal of the mission is to help entrepreneurs in the UK’s web technology sector to take their businesses into the global marketplace.

The pace at which current technology trends evolve stimulates the need for business innovation and the UK companies will see just how US businesses are addressing these market opportunities. The mission, which takes place March 5 – 11 2011, is designed to ensure that the businesses taking part benefit from the collective impact of a well-run trade mission.

The companies, already highly successful in the UK, will meet the media as well as peers from around the world, investors and potential partners. They will also engage with experts on the financial and public policy agendas relevant to web technology businesses operating in the US.

A range of web technologies are being showcased including innovative online booking services using social media, application optimisation technology, marketing optimisation tools, production and delivery of e-content and new forms of cloud -based file sharing.

 Simon Prockter, CEO of one of the successful companies, said:

"Web Mission provides a fantastic opportunity for us to meet the people and organisations that can help us reach our goals. We have an ambitious product that we intend to launch in the US within the next 12 months and San Francisco is the logical place to begin that journey."

Head of UK Trade & Investment’s Information Communications Technology (ICT) Team, Simon Carter said:

“It’s great that we can bring these 18 companies together and encourage them through the Web Mission to open their businesses up to international markets. UK Trade & Investment exists to support trade overseas and there’s a big push at the moment for the UK to encourage businesses based here to engage more in international markets. This mission will enable the web businesses to engage in essential networking in the US that could provide a springboard into really valuable business growth opportunities.”

Iain Gray, Chief Executive of the Technology Strategy Board, commented:

 “The Technology Strategy Board enables innovative businesses to thrive and grow and Web Mission 2011 will provide these successful growing businesses with just such an opportunity.  Previous missions have already proved to be very productive for some companies with businesses going on to attract significant investment and partnership opportunities.”

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