Carbon Abatement Technologies

Carbon Abatement Technologies

09 Sep 2011

The Technology Strategy Board ( is to invest up to £4.5 million to support the development of new carbon abatement technologies, primarily focused on innovative demonstration projects.

Part of the Technology Strategy Board’s continued portfolio of investment in low carbon technologies, the competition aims to build on the success of the 2009 feasibility competition, and is seeking to take the best of those concepts forward towards commercialisation, with new proposals also welcomed.  The competition will also focus on new feasibility studies into innovative, disruptive CAT technologies.

The grant funding to be made available through the competition will help to support innovative solutions for carbon abatement technologies for large single point emitters of CO2, including fossil fuelled power plants and energy intensive industries such as chemical and metal processing, paper, glass, ceramics and cement.  

Up to £4m will be available to consortia that have demonstrated the feasibility of technologies at a design or laboratory scale and are looking to progress to the next stage of development.  And up to £500,000 will be open to new feasibility studies.

The competition opens on 1st November 2011, with the final deadline for applications 13th December 2011. 

For further information about the collaborative R&D competition, please visit:

For further information about the Feasibility competition, please visit:

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