Adapting buildings to cope with climate change

Adapting buildings to cope with climate change

25 Oct 2010

The Technology Strategy Board is to invest £2.4 million to help building design teams develop strategies for buildings in the UK so that they are better able to adapt to the changing climate.

As part of its work supporting innovations that will help to address some of society's key sustainability challenges, the Technology Strategy Board is to award contracts to twenty six companies to develop climate adaptation strategies for their buildings. 

The adaptation strategies to be developed will cover both planned buildings that are now at the design stage and large non-domestic buildings that are about to be refurbished. 

Iain Gray, Chief Executive of the Technology Strategy Board, said:

"This investment is a fine example of the Technology Strategy Board supporting innovation that develops sustainable solutions for society while at the same time creating new markets for the UK economy.  Innovation is crucial to British businesses and through investments such as this we are working to help businesses take advantage of future market opportunities.

"We are already designing and constructing buildings that use less energy and reduce CO₂ emissions.  The challenge now is to make sure our buildings are resilient and adaptable to the climate change that we will see over the coming decades."

While the construction industry is already working to make buildings more energy efficient, the climate is expected to continue changing to 2100 and beyond.  The continually changing climate means that we will need our existing and new buildings to be adaptable and resilient to climate change if they are to cope.  There is a significant market opportunity for design teams to develop climate adaptation services to help meet this need and to respond to forthcoming significant changes in standards and regulations.

The twenty six successful applicants will each be awarded a contract for up to £100,000.  The Technology Strategy Board plans to invest additional funding, of up to £2.4 million, in further projects next year through a second competition.

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Companies and other organisations seeking further information about this and other funding competitions should visit the competitions page of the Technology Strategy Board website -, email or phone the helpline on 0300 321 4357. 

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