Horizon Discovery wins best business proposition

03 Dec 2008

The best business proposition award at the prestigious Medical Futures Innovation Awards has been won by a team of scientists from Cambridge University.    

The award, sponsored by the Technology Strategy Board, has been made to a start-up company, Horizon Discovery, which has pioneered a series of genetic techniques that can help determine which groups of cancer patients will better respond to cancer medicines, based on their genetic profile.

The Medical Futures Innovation Awards are a unique UK based awards process that helps healthcare professionals and academics turn their ideas into tangible solutions that can improve patient care.  The award for the best business proposition is made to the research project finalist likely to have the biggest impact on patient care, and which has the best prospect to succeed in achieving that goal.  The Horizon Discovery project was also winner of the Best Drug Discovery Technology award in the Cancer Innovation category of the Awards.

Horizon Discovery is developing next-generation medicines designed to individual patient needs.  Horizon's patented GENESISTM technology has enabled the creation of more than 100 human cell lines that model how cancer 'looks' genetically in different patient populations.  The development of a drug can take 15 years and cost more than £500m. XMANTM models enable pharmaceutical companies to dramatically short-cut the drug development process and predict success or failure at a much earlier stage, potentially saving the companies hundreds of millions of pounds.

Explaining the role of the Technology Strategy Board and its support for the Medical Futures Innovation Awards, Allyson Reed, the Board's Director of Strategy and Communications, said: "The Technology Strategy Board is committed to stimulating the development and exploitation of technologies which, while improving our quality of life, also represent major business opportunities for the UK.  The UK is a world-leader in healthcare technology, with a strong life sciences research base, a mature biopharmaceuticals industry and many top-quality medical device companies.  We are committed to investing in research and development in the medicines and healthcare sector and we are delighted to show our support for the aims of the Medical Futures Innovation Awards by sponsoring this best business proposition award".

Two other projects were shortlisted:

Regentec Ltd, who have developed a polymer technology to make liquid bone for use as bone graft during surgery. The synthetic, biodegradable material hardens at body temperature soon after being injected into the body.

Sensaurial Ltd, who have developed a hand-held device to improve the diagnosis of hearing loss. It can carry out a test in seconds in the community that normally takes 30 minutes in a hospital.

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