Technology Strategy Board reveals name for technology and innovation centres

Technology Strategy Board reveals name for technology and innovation centres

08 Dec 2011

The Technology Strategy Board has announced the name for the elite network of technology and innovation centres which it is establishing. Catapult centres will help to drive economic growth by closing the gap between concept and commercialisation and enhance innovation in specific technology areas for years to come.

The origins and meaning of the name Catapult [verb] - to thrust forward or move quickly - is synonymous with the objectives of the centres and the impact they will have on businesses and the economy as a whole. Catapult centres will build on the UK’s world-class research expertise. They will be business-focussed centres, supporting SMEs and large enterprises as part of a coordinated investment in innovation.
David Bott, Director of Innovation Programmes at the Technology Strategy Board said:
“We are excited to reveal the Catapult name to UK business. The Catapult centre in High-Value Manufacturing is already open for business and Catapult centres in Cell Therapy and Offshore Renewable Energy are on track to open in 2012.”

Bott continued:
“The powerful and unusual new identity for the technology and innovation programme is another step towards creating an elite network of integrated centres of excellence with shared values, objectives and successful working practices.”
Innovation, which lies at the heart of the each Catapult centre, is paramount to improving the UK’s competitive advantage and is also vital for growth, as a springboard to the high value global markets of tomorrow.

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View the press release including editors notes here.


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