Royal Mail Performance in Wales

An image of the Wales Mail ReportConsumer Focus Wales & CF Labs have published data on Royal Mail delivery performance, complaints and compensation payments.

The Royal Mail has paid more than £400,000 in compensation to people in Wales following nearly 50,000 complaints.

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Substandard Food Hygiene Ratings Map

An image of the Food Hygiene Ratings mapCF Labs has mapped premises in Wales that serve food to vulnerable people and have a substandard food hygiene rating.

More than 60 schools, hospitals and nursing homes have been given a rating of 2 or lower. The map accompanies a report produced by Consumer Focus Wales.

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Community Post Offices

An image of the Community Post Offices homepageCommunity Post Offices is a new online directory charting the wide range of post offices operated by and for the community.

Search for community post offices in your area, find out where are located, see what services they provide and register your own.

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Energy Supplier Performance Statistics

A generic image showing a graphConsumer Focus & CF Labs publish quarterly statistics on how the "Big Six" energy companies handle complaints.

Take a look at the latest league table or view and download historical data.

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An image of the is our new service that makes it easier to reduce cold calls and unwanted mail.

We've brought the Telephone, Mail & Baby Mail Preference Services into one place so that you don't have to fill out your details time and time again.

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Recalled Products

An image of a recalled product notice from the Recalled Products websiteRecalled Products takes product safety notices from the European RAPEX service and makes them available in a searchable database

You can subscribe to rss feeds, sign up to receive weekly or monthly email alerts and get a widget to display on your own site.

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Website Browser Statistics

A sample pie chart showing website browser shareCF Labs releases data every month showing the market share of each web browser across our range of websites.

Take a look at the Google Spreadsheet showing the last 18 months worth of data.

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Our policy on removing recalls


We sometimes get requests from companies asking us to remove their products from the Recalled Products website. These requests follow products being reclassified as fit for sale on the RAPEX website, the original EU-wide recalls resource from which our data is sourced.

At first it seems to make sense to remove these products. After all, businesses could suffer adverse effects from a safe product continiung to be included on a website intended to show products identified as unsafe. However, Recalled Products is just as much a register of safe products as unsafe. We believe that keeping information about safe products in circulation is as important as for unsafe products. Why?

Up-to-date representation reduces confusion over a product’s current status. Consumers cannot be sure of a product’s status if it is eliminated from the Recalled Products site (and by logical extension from all and any sites carrying recall information). Thus we prefer to update the product entry with an appropriate message in order to provide a clear and current service. One of the first items you’ll see on such pages is a box-out clearly stating that a product is removed along with RAPEX’s stated reason for removal.

We believe that responsible businesses should welcome this approach as it shows that the product is no longer considered a risk and can be used safely. A quick internet search reveals websites that continue to list products as recalled long after their reclassification as safe. We believe that it is actually beneficial to companies that the Recalled Products website gives the correct status of the product.

To be fair, in all the dealings we’ve had with such companies to date, this policy has been accepted once pointed out. Our definitive policy can be seen on the recalled products website.

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Opening up Royal Mail performance data in Wales


The Royal Mail provides a major public service across the UK – it handles millions of items of mail every day. Its operating licence requires it to publish a number of data sets on its performance on a regular basis. For example, it is required to publish information on its delivery targets (quality of service) [...]


Website outage

Late last night all CF Labs sites were taken offline following a serious hardware failure at our remote hosting centre. Our supplier has worked to replace the faulty equipment and bring our services back online.  This work was completed at around 2.15pm this afternoon.  There are however a few outstanding issues with some of our websites: [...]


Substandard food hygiene ratings in Wales


In 2005, South Wales was hit by a major outbreak of E.coli O157. A total of 157 people, mostly children, became ill and five-year-old Mason Jones died. Following the outbreak, a Public Inquiry developed 24 recommendations aimed at preventing further outbreaks. Consumer Focus Wales has taken on the task of monitoring the implementation of these [...]


Improving product recall notices


Yesterday we released an updated website for publishing UK and European product recall notices. The changes we’ve made at include a refreshed look, enhanced statistics and an improved recalls importer. The biggest change you’ll notice is the design of the site. It’s more of an evolution of the design than a brand new look [...]


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