New Energy Generation & Supply Knowledge Transfer Network established

03 Aug 2009

A new Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) has been established to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing in the Energy Generation and Supply sector.  The organisation that exists to support technological innovation in the UK, the Technology Strategy Board has awarded a three-year contract to a consortium led by TWI, one of Europe's largest independent research and technology organisations, to run the new KTN that will focus on networking, promoting funding opportunities and helping form partnerships.

The KTN will aim to make the Energy Generation and Supply arena easier to navigate and will be designed as a ‘one stop shop' for all stakeholders within the field,  in a sector where grant funding and knowledge sharing opportunities are provided by a range of different organisations .  

Iain Gray Chief Executive of the Technology Strategy Board said:

"The Energy Generation and Supply KTN is designed to act as a ‘front door' helping developers find their way through the UK and EU funding landscape so they receive the best support available to progress the development of their technology.

We decided that it was necessary to establish the KTN because energy generation and supply is a priority sector for the Technology Strategy Board and while a number of networks are active in parts of the energy innovation landscape, there is no dedicated network delivering knowledge exchange in this area. We have also made a commitment to encourage and support knowledge sharing and the flow of ideas to stimulate innovative approaches to energy technologies."

The KTN  will focus on several technology areas: offshore wind, wave and tidal, carbon abatement technologies (including higher efficiency plants, biomass co-firing and carbon capture & storage), hydrogen and fuel cells, maximising oil & gas resources and future emerging opportunities.

Dr Mark Williamson, Director of Innovations at the Carbon Trust said:

"This is a great initiative and will help to secure the UK's position as a hub of low carbon innovation. It's vital that organisations collaborate effectively to accelerate innovation in energy technologies, if we are to meet the UK's ambitious carbon reduction targets. The Carbon Trust is committed to working with the Technology Strategy Board and other leading stakeholders, such as the Energy Technologies Institute, to ensure that knowledge and expertise is shared effectively and that low carbon innovators get the right support at the right time."

Membership of the KTN will be free of charge and open to the entire energy community, including industry, investors, academia, innovators, government bodies and regulators. Ends

For full press release including notes to editors follow this link - New Energy Generation & Supply Knowledge Transfer Network established


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