£9m for new electric city car that can be sustainably manufactured

£9m for new electric city car that can be sustainably manufactured

05 Nov 2009

A  project to develop a new all-electric urban car, that will be affordable for many consumers when it reaches market and manufactured using an innovative and sustainable production process, is announced today.

The development of the T.27, the brain child of Gordon Murray Design and Zytek Automotive Technology, has been made possible through a £4.5m investment from the government-backed Technology Strategy Board.  With a total cost of £9m, a new research and development project will allow the consortium to develop four prototypes of the vehicle by February 2011.

Science and Innovation Minister Lord Drayson, who will test drive the T.25 - the existing petrol version of the car - today, said:

"The T27 is a great example of smart engineering and sustainable design. It's timely too, as the UK must demonstrate its readiness to exploit the emerging low-carbon vehicles market. The challenge is far greater than simply meeting stricter EU emissions targets. We need to expand our car industry through green innovation."

In this picture Lord Drayson is seated in a prototype of a petrol version of the T27, the T25, where the bodywork has been removed to conceal the identity of the car.


The T.27 is a sustainable vehicle, which means that it will be designed in a way that minimises the use of materials and keeps the embedded carbon of the vehicle as low as possible.  The aim is to ensure that the environmental impact of the materials and energy that are used are as low as can be.  The iStream production process is also highly efficient, and flexible to minimise the cost of production.


Left to right: Bill Gibson Chairman - Zytek Automotive, Lord Drayson - Science and Innovation Minister, Gordon Murray - Chief Executive and Technical Director- Gordon Murray Design.

Gordon Murray, Chief Executive and Technical Director of Gordon Murray Design said:

"The iStream® manufacturing process behind the T.25 and T.27 is all about sustainable, low energy process by design.  The T.27 programme is a great opportunity for us and our partners to create what will be the world's most efficient electric vehicle.  An opportunity to start from a clean sheet of paper combined with our disruptive manufacturing technology will result in a product which truly pushes the boundaries of urban vehicle design and further protecting our mobility".

The aim of the 16 month project is to develop prototypes that will put the consortium in the position where they can further explore the possibility of scaling up and building a manufacturing facility, with the ultimate goal of making this affordable, fun and environmentally friendly car widely available on the open market. Ends


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