£7.2 million for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Demonstration programme

10 Sep 2009

A competition for up to £7.2 million of funding for companies to develop Hydrogen and Fuel Cell technology opens today. The competition is being funded by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, delivered by the Technology Strategy Board and is one of a series of measures announced in this year's budget that aim to stimulate low carbon technologies .

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells have the potential to help drastically reduce carbon emissions because they only emit water and heat as by products. The energy conversion in fuel cells is more efficient than those of other technologies such as the internal combustion engine.

Energy and Climate Change Minister, David Kidney said:

"The UK has the right combination of expertise, ingenuity and determination to bring hydrogen and fuel cell technology to the global market. We're providing real help now to help advance this technology in the UK, keeping us at the forefront of advanced green manufacturing."

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