Chief Executive appointed for CDE Catapult

Chief Executive appointed for CDE Catapult

06 Dec 2012

The Technology Strategy Board ( is pleased to announce that Neil Crockett has been appointed to lead the Connected Digital Economy Catapult centre.

The Catapult, a world-class centre of applied technology based in London, will help UK industry to develop new digital and internet enabled products and services that will underpin many parts of the UK’s future economy.  Neil will take up his role from 2 January 2013 to drive the Catapult’s rapid growth and deliver its ambitious vision.

Neil Crockett joins the Catapult from Cisco, where he held a number of roles including Managing Director – British Telecom WW Operations from 2006, Managing Director – UK Public Sector from 2008 and Managing Director – London 2012, overseeing all aspects of Cisco’s London 2012 Olympics sponsorship, with its focus on leaving a lasting skills and innovation legacy for the UK digital sector.

Speaking at the Urban Age Electric City conference in London today David Willetts, Universities and Science Minister, said:

 "The UK has one of the world’s strongest digital markets and the Connected Digital Economy Catapult will build on this by fostering innovation and driving growth across the £100 billion ICT, software and digital content sectors. I am pleased to welcome Neil Crockett as Chief Executive Officer of the centre – his knowledge and expertise will ensure its future success."

Iain Gray, Chief Executive of the Technology Strategy Board, said:

 “The Catapult will develop expertise in a range of strategic internet-enabling technologies and will help the UK economy to benefit from the vast opportunities that these will create, in sectors   ranging from media and content, e-health and e-government to cyber-cities and infrastructure management.  We are delighted that Neil will be driving this exciting work.  His knowledge,  experience, passion and energy will be of great benefit and we look forward to working with him.”

Commenting on his appointment as Chief Executive Officer, Neil Crockett said:   

 "Unleashing the true potential of the connected world across the UK economy is at the heart of the country's long term growth.  It is a privilege to lead the new Connected Digital Economy Catapult and have the opportunity to accelerate the translation of the UK's world class digital discovery and innovation into new and sustained economic success. 

 “The Catapult has the advantage of being able to integrate into the world class digital innovation community that is active across the UK, but will focus on providing leadership in the areas of highest potential, with activities that deliver new speed and intensity, to turn great digital ideas into great digital companies."

The Catapult will help industry develop, commercialise and exploit new products, processes and services that will both underpin the future digital economy and transfer across to other parts of the global economy.  By providing access to test and demonstrator facilities, the Catapult will encourage new and sustainable ways for businesses in the digital sector to generate value from their innovations and to find ways for other sectors to embrace and adopt internet-enabled opportunities.

The Catapult is searching for suitable premises in London and will be ramping up its operations during 2013.  Head-hunters are working to find a suitable Chair and a number of non-executive directors for the Catapult, who should be in post early in 2013.

Catapult centres are being established by the Technology Strategy Board, as a new addition to its range of programmes to stimulate innovation. They are places where the best of the UK’s innovative businesses and researchers work together to bring new products and services more quickly to commercialisation. Focusing on areas with great market potential, Catapults will open up global opportunities for the UK and generate economic growth for the future. 

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