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At the Technology Strategy Board, our job is a mixture of being out and about listening and talking about innovation in business and doing something about it. So for me, this week has been reasonably typical.

Monday was spent at our Swindon office with a series of internal meetings to pick up the threads of projects in this New Year and meet some of the people who have joined us recently.

Tuesday saw the first cancellation of the year so I got a chance to catch up on all the e-mails that came in during the Monday meetings.  In the afternoon I flew up to Glasgow so that I would be there for ....

...Wednesday, at Scottish Enterprise, following up visits by Iain Gray and Brian McCarthy.  I had volunteered to talk about the rationale and practice of our programmes and it was all arranged before Christmas.  As it turned out, I had to give the same talk twice to a combined audience of over 100 - they didn't have a room available that was big enough for everyone who wanted to know what we do and why we do it.  With question time, I was "on show" for 3 hours.  There is enormous similarity in the goals of the two organisations and we need to make sure we understand and align our activities.  The worst-case scenario would be if we set about doing the same things at roughly the same times and confused the target audience so that they either wasted time doing both or didn't bother because they couldn't work out what the best option was!!

Thursday saw a meeting with the main automotive manufacturers who operate in the UK.  They are all involved in our Low Carbon Vehicle Innovation Platform which started in September 2007 and is beginning to have some success in finding companies who can contribute to a speedy move to low carbon vehicles, building links between companies in the space who didn't yet know one another and supporting groups of them working together to develop new vehicles and systems.  We need to ensure that what we are supporting is right for the industry in the current economic situation, so we were checking that what we were doing was appropriate and will now adjust in response to what they told us.

Friday saw me make the trek down to the Laboratory of the Government Chemist in Teddington.  LGC operate across a number of markets, mostly based in analytical science.  The UK's second largest forensic provider, they provide "standards" for a variety of chemical and biological markets, deliver specific diagnostic and quality services to the food and life science industries and support everyone from the NHS to SMEs with analytical and project management services.  By the time I had finished answering questions on my short presentation we had used up most of the allotted time and I missed the opportunity to see what they actually do - so will be going back.



David Bott is Director of Innovation Programmes at the Technology Strategy Board


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