Naming the centres

Today is an exciting moment in an exciting journey; an important step in creating the new network of world-leading technology and innovation centres. It’s the moment of naming, when the centres gain their identity.

We have consulted, discussed, brainstormed and worked with some of the UK’s leading brand experts to find a solution that expresses the excitement and dynamism of the idea behind the programme, and have what I believe is a great name that does just that.

The name: Catapult.

What we are working to create is not just another set of technical facilities, but a transforming force for UK business innovation. The new network of centres needed a powerful name that will help them to achieve this impact.

Catapult is a dynamic and forward-looking word, hugely expressive of the momentum that the technology and innovation centres will create. It is a great metaphor for what the programme aims to achieve for the UK. The word describes the energy needed to take great ideas and launch them towards the global marketplace; to catapult concepts towards commercialisation.

The process has been a bit like naming a child – and as happens with a child, once the name is decided it becomes the person. For me, the Catapult name is already becoming part of the personality of the centres. As each new centre is established it will grow in strength.

I am excited that we have an identity for the Catapults that is forward-looking, energetic and memorable - and will help them on their way to being a major force for UK innovation. Our job now is to make that ambition a reality.


Last updated on Friday 27 April 2012 at 11:24

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  • Mikos|09/12/11 at 4:36 PM

    What happened to the "Turing" idea discussed in Parliament earlier this year? Seemed quite popular at the time...

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