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  • KTP

    Developing the offshore renewable energy supply chain

    Targeted call for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships. September 2012
    Opens 13/09/12 Closes 24/04/13 Closed 24/04/13 Awarded
  • Collaborative research and development

    Technology Inspired Innovation

    Competition for fast-track and collaborative R&D funding. December 2012
    Opens 03/12/12 Closes 10/04/13 Closed 10/04/13 Awarded
  • SBRI

    Sustainable utilisation of poultry litter

    The development of sustainable and innovative solutions for the use or treatment of poultry litter which will address the issue of phosphorus surpluses arising from the application of poultry litter to agricultural land and prepare Northern Ireland for the new Nitrates Action Programme 2015-2018
    Opens 10/12/12 Closes 20/02/13 Closed 20/02/13 Awarded
  • Collaborative research and development

    Inspiring new design freedoms in additive manufacturing / 3d printing

    Competition for collaborative R&D funding. December 2012.
    Opens 03/12/12 Closes 30/01/13 Closed 30/01/13 Awarded
  • Internet of things ecosystem demonstrator

    Competition for demostration funding October 2012
    Opens 15/10/12 Closes 30/01/13 Closed 30/01/13 Awarded
  • Feasibility studies

    Developing the offshore wind supply chain

    Competition for feasibility studies and development and demonstration funding. November 2012
    Opens 05/11/12 Closes 16/01/13 Closed 16/01/13 Awarded
  • Feasibility studies

    Building fuel cell manufacturing and the supply chain

    A competition for feasibility funding to encourage the development of manufacturing capabilities and novel supply-chain partnerships to support the production of fuel cells in the UK.
    Opens 26/11/12 Closes 16/01/13 Closed 16/01/13 Awarded
  • Feasibility studies
    Fuel Cells and Hydrogen

    Supporting European collaboration in fuel cells and hydrogen

    Competition for feasibility studies in fuel-cell and hydrogen technologies, to explore potential partnerships with EU businesses as a precursor to further development.
    Opens 26/11/12 Closes 16/01/13 Closed 16/01/13 Awarded
  • SBRI

    Preventing fraud in mCommerce

    The Technology Strategy Board is to invest up to £1.5m to stimulate new solutions for mobile commerce (mCommerce) to counter the threat of theft and fraud.
    Opens 19/11/12 Closes 16/01/13 Closed 16/01/13 Awarded
  • SBRI

    How to Promote Legitimate Online Intellectual Property Markets

    The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) is launching this competition to find new technology solutions to help enforce Intellectual Property rights.
    Opens 24/10/12 Closes 10/01/13 Closed 10/01/13 Awarded
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