Consultation on fast-track review of Feed-in Tariffs for small scale low carbon electricity

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This consultation is now closed and the Government would like to thank respondents for their contributions to the consultation. Having carefully considered the responses received, the Government has decided to proceed with the proposed tariff reductions for solar PV larger than 50 kilowatts and all stand-alone PV installations, and increases for farm-scale anaerobic digestion (up to and including 500 kilowatts). Full details of the Government’s decision and the analysis underpinning it are set out in “Feed-in Tariffs Scheme: Summary of Responses to the Fast Track Consultation and Government Response” which was published on 9 June 2011 and can be found below. 

This consultation seeks views on proposed bands and accompanying changes to the tariffs for solar photovoltaics (PV) over 50KW and farm-scale Anaerobic Digestion (AD).

Subject to the responses received to this consultation, we are aiming to introduce these changes by amending the FIT payment rate table in Condition 33 of the Standard Conditions of Electricity Supply licenses. Subject to consultation and the parliamentary process set out in the Energy Act 2008, and state aid approval from the European Commission, our intention is these changes will be made in July 2011 and take effect from 1 August.

The deadline for responses to this consultation is Friday 6 May 2011.

If you are unable to submit your response online please use the template below and submit by email to:

This consultation is also being used to issue a call for evidence on the FITs comprehensive review. Evidence received will feed into the scope of this review (which we will be consulting on later in the year) and help inform if further changes to the legislation are necessary. We are seeking views on this by Tuesday 12 April 2011.


Respond to this consultation online via the DECC Consultation Hub - FITs Fast-Track Review.

Contact us

RFI Team
Renewables Directorate Department of Energy and Climate Change
4th Floor, Area A/B, 3 – 8 Whitehall Place


Post-Consultation documents 

Note: This makes some minor consequential changes to the FITs Order.

FITs Fast-Track Consultation Responses

  • Please note: where possible we have included the full response; where this has not been possible, some additional information has not been included. Please notify the FITs team at the following email address if you would like to view any responses where there is an indication that further information has been provided.
  • Please also note: where respondents have not explicitly agreed or disagreed with a question, the FITs policy team may have interpreted an agree / disagree response in order to facilitate policy analysis
FITs fast track review consultation responses Size: [3.14 MB] File Type: [.XLS]

Consultation documents

25 March 2011: Please note minor changes have been made to documents originally published on 18 March 2011.

These are to clarify:

(a) in the Consultation Document that the proposed changes to tariffs would apply to all installations with an eligibility date (as defined in Condition 33 of the Standard Conditions of Electricity Supply Licences) on or after 1 August 2011;

(b) in the Impact Assessment, that for solar PV, the target rate of return of 5% applies to the >50kW - ≤150kW band.

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