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E-infrastructure Leadership Council (ELC)

The E-Infrastructure Leadership Council (ELC) was established by Government in March 2012 following recommendations from the Government commissioned report A Strategic Vision for UK e-Infrastructure (2011).

Acting as a national advisory body, the ELC makes recommendations to Government on all aspects of e-Infrastructure. It provides a forum where representatives of academe, industry, the charitable and public sectors can come together to exchange views and discuss the development of e-Infrastructure, both nationally and globally.

What is e-Infrastructure? E-Infrastructure comprises networks, data repositories, computers, software and skills and is an essential tool for research and development both in industry and across fundamental science. 

The ELC has as its mandate the development of a detailed strategy to deliver a world-class e-Infrastructure and High Performance Computing (HPC) capability for the UK. This will be completed in partnership with stakeholders and user communities across UK academe, industry, Government and society.

The ELC should normally meet three (exceptionally four) times a year: a summary of the meeting minutes is available.

Membership of the ELC

The membership of the ELC is drawn from academe, industry, the Research and Funding Councils, Government Departments, and the charitable sector. Membership, by invitation from Government, will normally be for two years. A comprehensive membership list is available. Sign up for email alerts


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Minister responsible

David Willetts is the minister responsible for this policy area.