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Consultation: Marine Planning System for England

Ref: 30/10

Issued: 2010-07-21
Consultation start: 2010-07-21
Consultation end: 2010-10-13


In July 2010 the Government consulted on the proposed marine planning system for England. “A Description of the marine planning system for England” set out the proposed marine planning system and provides a context for the Marine Policy Statement in England for the new Marine Management Organisation (MMO) and other interested organisations and persons.

It was accompanied by an Impact Assessment which set out the expected costs and benefits of planning in the way described within the Description document.

This document is far reaching and, as such, Defra invites the views of all coastal, marine and terrestrial stakeholders who will be affected by this new system. This includes, amongst others, those in the fields of industry, research, nature and heritage conservation, town-planning, regeneration, recreation and tourism.

Responses to the consultation

This consultation closed in October 2010. The summary of responses is now available. 

During the consultation period a workshop was held on 28 July, which discussed this consultation together with consultations on the draft Marine Policy Statement and the new marine licensing system.  It was attended by representatives from over 80 organisations invited from across the UK.  In addition there have been regular meetings of a stakeholder focus group, with a special meeting held in September 2010 to discuss the marine planning consultation document.

We thank all the stakeholders who took the time to respond to this consultation. 76 responses were received.

The amended Description of the marine planning system for England, is provided to the MMO as a document which it can update and develop further as it establishes marine planning procedures in practice. It also provides a reference for other interested organisations and persons. The final Impact Assessment  provides a model to inform the Impact Assessment which will accompany each individual Marine Plan.

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Consultation documents

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