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Review of Science for All Action Plan – September 2012

Monday 20 August 2012 | 12:57pm

In February 2010 The Science for All Expert Group  published the report Science for All.

We are now reviewing the Action Plan included in the report to see what progress has been made since 2010. We would like your views on the progress made, as well as actions which have yet to be completed. We’d also like to hear about any other activity which you feel is contributing to the delivery of the recommendations or which you feel are no longer relevant or important and for what reason.

The action plan can be downloaded here:

Science for All Action Plan Update – September 2012

In sharing your own experience and views, you will be helping us build up a picture of the current landscape, what is working well, and what the role of Government should be. We particularly welcome evaluations of impact and effectiveness of activities.

 The evidence that we collect from you will feed into the later phases of this project in which we will develop a new set of BIS objectives and programme of activity which complement and add value to the broader science and society endeavour in the UK.

Please leave any comments in the box at the bottom of the page or email the Science and Society team at The deadline for responses is the 30 September 2012.


  1. Your report regarding public engagement and the business community can be supplemented by our report ‘Building Confidence in Innovative Technologies – what stakeholders expect and how companies can respond’

    In it we explored this question with NGOs, investors, retailers and analysed 14 of the recent public engagements to obtain the public’s view. The businesses who funded this (Unilever, M&S, A-Z, GSK, Nestle, Leatherhead FRA & College Hill Communications) helped us develop our model of ‘The Building’ in which we start to look in more detail at what aspect of societal engagement is appropriate at what stage. Businesses work in departments, and you have to appeal to each department’s own self interest to engage them. This has been very well received by businesses and we are in dialogue with them about the next phase called Society Inside® which seeks to flesh this out further.

    We also adapted your model of the PE triangle to add a fourth, called Cogitation. This looks like nothing, but in fact is very important and would suggest you stress this in your universities model. This is about the internal thinking and evaluation which needs to take place before and after the engagement to get clarity about the real purpose of the engagement, how decisions or priorities will or will not change based on the engagement, and how this can be communicated back to participants in an ongoing dialogue where appropriate. I see it very often in universities and policy, no evidence, and sometimes no further thinking, about how the engagement will influence policy. I see you have it in your thinking, but it needs to be more explicit in all the dialogues. suggest it is more explicit also in funding areas.

    Happy to help further with your business engagement and the cross learning that can bring. I have all the businesses who may be interested, just no cash to engage them further!

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