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Science for All Expert Group

In 2009/2010 The Science for All Expert Group developed an action plan, in discussion with Government and other stakeholders in response to the Science and Society consultation to:

  • deliver a shift in cultural awareness, recognition and support for science by building on the Science:[So what? So everything] campaign
  • develop a co-ordinated public engagement framework which is sufficiently flexible to recognise a range of engagement activity (professional & volunteer, national & local) and creates the conditions for increased participation and debate
  • achieve greater acknowledgement of the importance of public engagement activity supported by increased training and recognition in all sectors
  • ensure public perspectives are sought, recognised and responded to by the scientific and policy communities

The Report and Action Plan were published in February 2010 and the Action Plan has recently been updated by the Expert Group. We would like your views on the progress made, as well as actions which have yet to be completed. We’d also like to hear about any other activity which you feel is contributing to the delivery of the recommendations or which you feel are no longer relevant or important and for what reason. You can read the updated Action Plan and comment here.

In sharing your own experience and views, you will be helping us build up a picture of the current landscape, what is working well, and what the role of Government should be. We particularly welcome evaluations of impact and effectiveness of activities.

The evidence that we collect from you will feed into the later phases of this project in which we will develop a new set of BIS objectives and programme of activity which complement and add value to the broader science and society endeavour in the UK.