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What we do

BIS brings all of the levers of the economy together in one place. Our policy areas – from skills and higher education to innovation and science to business and trade – can all help to drive growth.

Here’s an overview of our policy areas – click on the links to find out more.

We are committed to fostering competitive markets through the right business law framework, enabling companies to compete freely and giving consumers choice and value.

Consumers  should be treated fairly, know their rights and be able to use them effectively, and consumer law should be fair to both consumers and businesses.

We believe employment matters and are working to promote best practice and effective employment relations.

Through enterprise and business support we are strengthening the enterprise environment for small businesses and enabling more people and communities to set up in business.

We are committed to helping British industry increase its productivity and develop world-class competitiveness by supporting strategically important business sectors.

Britain is a trading nation, and we help UK firms to trade with other countries in three key areas of importance to companies trading and exporting internationally: Europetrade and export control.

The Better Regulation Executive is leading reform across government to reduce the administrative burden on business.

We are committed to fostering world-class higher education to provide the nation with the high level skills needed for economic success, while ensuring excellence in teaching and research.

We’re creating a high quality and responsive further education sector that equips workers with the skills demanded in a modern globalised economy. This will strengthen economic performance and improve the life chances of our people.

We’re pursuing global excellence in science and research to help us maintain economic prosperity and address key global and domestic challenges, such as climate change and security.

Innovation helps us deal with complex challenges and drive growth by improving productivity and R&D. BIS leads on the innovation agenda and is taking action to boost innovation in the economy and across the public sector.

We aim to help every region in England to increase sustainable regional economic development and narrow the gap in growth rates between regions.

And through the Shareholder Executive we are working with Government departments and management teams to help Government-owned businesses perform better.

Partner organisations

BIS is supported by a wide range of organisations in delivering its strategic priorities. Our network of partner organisations provides services, information and advice to the Department and directly to a wide range of people and organisations.

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