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Title Organisations Topic
Bringing people together in strong, united communities DCLG Community and society
Developing a new high speed rail network DFT Economic growth, Transport
Expanding and improving the rail network DFT Economic growth, Transport
Giving communities more power in planning local development DCLG Planning and building
Giving local authorities more control over how they spend public money in their area DCLG Local government
Giving people more power over what happens in their neighbourhood DCLG Community and society
Helping people to buy a home DCLG Housing
Helping troubled families turn their lives around DCLG Community and society
Improving high streets and town centres DCLG Economic growth
Improving local transport DFT Economic growth, Transport, Local government
Improving the energy efficiency of buildings and using planning to protect the environment DCLG Planning and building, Climate change, Environment
Improving the rented housing sector DCLG Housing
Increasing the number of available homes DCLG Housing
Making local councils more transparent and accountable to local people DCLG Local government
Making roads safer DFT, DVLA, DSA, VOSA and VCA Transport
Making sure Council Tax payers get good value for money DCLG Local government
Making sure UK airports and airlines are safe, secure and competitive while reducing their impacts on the environment and communities DFT Economic growth, Transport
Making the planning system work more efficiently and effectively DCLG Planning and building
Making transport more accessible to all DFT Transport
Managing the risk to transport networks from terrorism and other crimes DFT National security, Transport