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HCPC are urging all Social workers in England to renew their registration now

09/11/2012 - 15:30

Call to action: Social workers in England renew now

HCPC are urging all Social workers in England to renew their registration now

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) visited Newham Council yesterday to speak with social workers about the importance of renewing their registration.

The message was clear, if you don’t renew your HCPC registration by 30 November 2012, the HCPC will begin the process of removing you from the Register.

Members of staff from HCPC presented on continuing professional development (CPD) and then took some time to go through the registration renewal process with 30 social workers from the Council. Each social worker found the process very straight forward, and some social workers commented

“It is very easy to renew, I just set-up a direct debit and signed the declaration.”

“My team renewed online, they all found it to be a simple process.”

“It all makes sense to renew your registration online, it was such an easy process.”

All you need to do is pay your registration fee and complete a professional declaration.
We will not be able to renew your registration unless you do both of these things.

Please remember that payment alone is not sufficient to keep your name on the Register.

Whilst we have reached the half way mark with over 44,000 social workers already renewed there is still a long way to go. From today all social workers in England have ten days left to set up their direct debits for renewals.

For more information download our publication ‘How to renew your registration’ here 

Visit our Facebook page to see the photos from our visit to Newham Council

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