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Important information regarding social worker renewal


To date, 67,000 social workers in England have successfully renewed their HCPC registration. This is very encouraging and represents 76% of the profession.

However, it is disappointing that 21,000 have yet to renew.  This is despite the work we have undertaken with the social work community to communicate the importance of remaining on the HCPC Register. All social workers in England must renew their registration by 30 November 2012.  If they do not, the process to remove them from the Register will commence.

We will write to all those individuals who fail to do so by 30 November 2012 giving them notice that unless they complete the process immediately and no later than 2 January 2013 they will be removed from the Register. Until this date, social workers may continue to practise.

Social workers play an important and significant role in society working with and protecting vulnerable individuals.  It is essential that this important work continues to be delivered with minimum disruption to service users.  It is also essential that members of the public continue to be protected by robust regulatory processes. 

We recognise this is the first time that this profession has renewed their registration with us. We are also aware that it is a different process to the one that social workers will be used to. 

We will do everything we can to support professionals and employers during this process.  However, we would strongly advise any social worker who has yet to renew not to leave it until the last minute.  

To read the updated registration renewal FAQs please click here.

To view the updated payment timeline please click here. 


1. The title ‘social worker’ is protected by law and an individual must be on the HCPC Register in order to practise using this title.  However, any social worker who fails to renew their registration by 30 November 2012 will not be committing an offence as long as they complete the renewal process before 2 January 2013.  If they do not, they will be removed from the Register and will not be able to practise.  

2. Social workers can renew their registration online using the codes sent to them or by completing a paper renewal form. We will also write to employers, where known, to ensure their employees renew their HCPC registration. The Registration Department will also operate a service during the Christmas period to ensure that social workers have the maximum opportunity to renew.

3. People can still set up a direct debit. The completed instruction must reach us by 17 December 2012. If not, they will be required to pay the full fee of £152.


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