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Web resources

The following resources are designed to support the implementation of specific Productive Ward modules.

Executive Leader’s Guide

Download the following resources from our catalogue

Visually communicating The Productive Ward vision

  • Cartoon 1: Ward Environment  Ward Environment 
  • Cartoon 2: Key Messages  Key Messages 

For best results print at A0 size.To do this you will need to save the file to your computer and outsource to a printing company

  • Guidance notes for 45 minute informal teaching session
  • Strategic Alignment Grid
Project Leader’s Guide
  • Milestone Checklist Multiple Ward Master Planner**
  • Learning Objectives Matrix**
Knowing How we are Doing
  • Measures Tool V 1.0
  • Measure Tool V 2.3 (December 2011) 
  • Safety cross
  • Measures Tool Guidance
Download the resources from our catalogue.
Well Organised Ward
  • 5S Numbers Game*
  • 5S Inventory Sheet*
  • 5S Numbers Game Guidance Notes

Download the resources from our catalogue.

Download the following resources from our catalogue:

Section 3 Activity Follow

  • Activity Follow Totaliser
  • Colour Activity Follow Sheet
Please note this document  needs to be printed as A3
  • B&W Activity Follow Sheet
Please note this document  needs to be printed as A3
  • Activity Follow Analyser Maternity V1 revised
  • Activity Follow Sheet V5 Midwifery
Please note this document  needs to be printed as A3
  • Activity Follow Totaliser Maternity V7

Section 4 Video Waste Walk

  • Blank Waste Walk

Section 7 Video

  • Film Poster

Section 12 Module Action Planner

  • Module Action Planner Sheet
  • Detailed Action Planner

Section 15 Audit Planning

  • Audit Planner

Section 16 Visit Pyramid:

  • Visit Pyramid 1 Ward Quarter Year
  • Visit Pyramid Half Year 10 Ward Master 

    Please note that for certain versions of Excel you will need to turn on the Analysis Toolpac facility in order for the spreadsheet to function correctly. This can be done by going into:

    Tools menu
    Analysis Toopac

    If you are experiencing difficulty with the Visit Pyramid, follow these instructions:

    In the bottom left of the sheet there is a yellow box, the first Monday of the visit pyramid intended period should be entered. The sheet will auto complete the rest of the dates on the sheet. Be careful to make sure the date is entered in the correct format (as directed in the instructions next to the yellow box)

  • Visit Guide Sheet BLUE
  • Visit Guide Sheet GREEN
  • Visit Guide Sheet RED
  • Visit Guide Sheet PINK
  • Visit Guide Sheet YELLOW
    The colours of these files are relevant. Either print on coloured paper or if you have a colour printer, go to the Print dialogue box, click on ‘Options’ and in ‘Printing options’ check ‘Background printing’ and in ‘Include with documents’ section check ‘Background colours and image’. 

Delivering Same-Sex Accommodation
These resource documents help organisations meet important patient needs around delivering same-sex accommodation as part of their Productive Ward work.

These include:

Dignity Walk Sheet


Download the following resources from our catalogue:
  • Patient Information Leaflet
  • Productive Ward Problem Countermeasure Sheet
  • Productive ward launch poster
  • Module house slides
  • Artwork for sticky note paper


* These files can be printed. However, they cannot be saved to your computer.

** Not yet available