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About the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

About us patient image.JPGThe NHS Institute was established in July 2005 to support the transformation of the NHS, through innovation, improvement and the adoption of best practice. We enable and support the NHS system to transform health and healthcare for patients through a strategy of creating inventive, clinically-led and tested practical ideas which will build skills and capability for continuous improvement.

NHS Institute to close on 31 March 2013

On 1 April 2013 a ‘new Improvement Body’ will be established to bring together the wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience of a number of NHS improvement organisations. As a consequence the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement will close on 31 March 2013. The new Improvement Body will be hosted by the NHS Commissioning Board.

When the NHS Institute closes the majority of our programmes will finish on this date, though some are likely to continue in some form as work within the new Improvement Body. Other programmes will cease altogether. Work is currently being undertaken to determine the priorities for the new Improvement Body which will support both the Outcomes Framework and the work of the NHS Commissioning Board’s Five Domains:

1. Prevention
2. Long Term Conditions
3. Acute Care
4. Patient Experience
5. Safety

We will provide more information on this page as decisions are made and confirmation received about the work of the new organisation. 

NHS Institute website, materials and publications

About us materials image.jpg

It is not known yet whether access to this website and the information and materials on it will be available after 31 March 2013. As a consequence we would expect our users to access the materials they need as soon as possible. This will include downloading materials and ordering hard copy publications from the catalogue.

In order to ensure stocks of materials are available for the NHS, allocation limits have been reduced and in some cases removed to allow individuals, teams and organisations to access materials they recognise will be useful for them. If you have queries about publications and their availability, please click here to email us

Click here to browse our online catalogue

The new Improvement Body

The new Improvement Body will be a new kind of NHS organisation. A national body, it will play a key role in helping to transform the NHS, helping create the conditions and momentum for change at an unprecedented scale and pace.

The new body will focus on supporting a limited number of key, high impact, high volume, high cost areas where there is the potential to reduce costs by improving quality. The new body will always have its roots in the NHS, yet it will be looking over the horizon leading a vision for a national health service in which everyone truly counts. More information will be provided here and in our external newsletter as it becomes available. . 

NHS Institute Annual Report and Accounts

Find out more about our achievements by reading our annual reports.

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