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National Clinical Coding Trainer and Auditor Programmes

At the heart of the NHS Classification Service training strategy contributing to data quality excellence in the NHS is the clinical coder trainer and auditor programmes. The minimum entry requirements to both programmes have been revised to ensure all delegates have the essential competencies to deliver clinical coding training and audit within the NHS. This rationalisation of the two programmes will benefit both the attendees and their supporting organisations, maintain the highest standard of skilled staff and, ultimately, further improve national coding standards.

Our very successful Clinical Coding Trainer programme (CCTP) creates a body of clinical coding trainers skilled in delivering our national training materials for the consistent delivery and dissemination of national clinical coding standards. 

We have applied the successful principles of the CCTP to align with the Clinical Coding Auditor Programme (CCAP).

Any professional clinical coder applying to attend either the Clinical Coding Auditor Programme (CCAP)  or the Clinical Coding Trainer Programme (CCTP)  in the 2012/13 training year must meet the following requirements:

  • Attained Accredited Clinical Coder status by passing the National Clinical Coding Qualification (UK). 
  • Have held this status for two years or more at the time of applying. 
  • Demonstrate adequate experience of clinical coding in the field and evidence of other criteria detailed when applying.

The Clinical Coding Academy Project offers additional courses on all aspects of clinical coding training using our national suite of training materials and approved trainers.

To meet Information Governance purposes, clinical coding courses delivered by a NHS Classifications Service approved clinical coding trainer using the core suite of NCS training materials are considered the official versions mandated for use in the NHS.