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EPS Forum

The EPS Forum

The remit of the Forum is to discuss, review and advise on the processes, deployment and communications to implement EPS and provide guidance, support and constructive feedback on the EPS programme.

January 2011 - business continuity

Download the Jan 2011 agenda, slides, and key messages.

February 2011 - nominations

Download the Feb 2011 agenda, slides and key messages.

March 2011 - deployment

Download the March 2011 agenda, slides and key messages.

April 2011 - progress so far

Download the April 2011 agenda, slides and key messages.

June 2011 - business process change

Download the June 2011 agenda, slides and key messages.

November 2011 - user perceptions

Download the Nov 2011 agenda and slides and key messages.

January 2012 - Release 1 concerns

Download the Jan 2012 agenda, slides and key messages. 

April 2012 - business change

Download the April 2012 agenda, slides and key messages.

June 2012 - working together

Download the June 2012 agenda, slides and key messages.

October 2012 - business continuity 

Download the October 2012 agenda and slides.

The next meeting of the EPS Forum will be in the New Year.


See the Terms of Reference below for a list of the professional bodies, representative groups and users which have all been invited to send representatives.

Terms of Reference