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NHS: PCT/SHA staff

The technical infrastructure to support EPS was introduced in Release 1 and that phase is now nearing completion. EPS Release 2 provides enhanced functionality which provides benefits for patients, healthcare professionals and the NHS.

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Implementation of EPS Release 2

The implementation of EPS is entering a critical phase with the transition from EPS Release 1 to EPS Release 2.

NHS CFH has identified four stages to support progress locally and has also developed an implementation toolkit which provides key information and documentation to support PCTs in developing their own policies locally.

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Deployment of EPS Release 2

The deployment of EPS Release 2 at a national level centres around PCTs gaining Secretary of State Direction and also on system suppliers having a suitable, approved system for use in prescribing and dispensing sites.

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Supporting nomination for EPS Release 2

nomination guidance factsheet is available to support PCTs and SHAs with the nomination process prior to nomination audit reports being available.