Percentage of organisations with environmental policy doubles

Defra-backed survey from Every Action Counts indicates percentage of organisations with an environmental policy has doubled from 27% to 52% during 2007. The press release (Word format) from Every Action Counts states:

The survey, commissioned by national green body, Every Action Counts (EAC), follows the publication in 2007 of Every Action Counts: Changing the Way We Work, which encouraged organisations to green up and provided practical advice on how to do so.

The two surveys, both carried out by the charity, Groundwork London, on behalf of EAC, focused nationally on national voluntary and community sector organisations.

The 2008 Green Office Survey showed other dramatic improvements in organisations’ green performance, compared to 2007:

  • Over 80% of organisations said they recycled more waste products than 18 months previously and that they recycled a greater variety of waste, including computers, furniture and food waste, in addition to the more usual paper, plastic, metal and glass.
  • Over half of organisations (54%) are reviewing and monitoring their energy use compared to 39% 18 months previously, with more office computers turned off at night (74%) and less ignorance of green energy suppliers, although many organisations are still unsure how to access them.
  • 52% of organisations now say they are mindful of using public transport for business trips. 43% of respondents said they encouraged cycling to work, with 15% even saying they now had an office bicycle!

Sounding a note of caution amongst the survey’s good news was the sobering 89% of organisations who said that ‘lack of funds’ would prevent further green measures being taken in 2009.

EAC’s Head of Programme, Mark Walton, said:
“Every Action Counts is delighted that voluntary organisations have made great progress in greening their office practices over the past 18 months. We believe the EAC programme has made a successful contribution to ensuring that organisations are clearer about what they need to do in taking the simple actions needed to make a positive environmental impact in our communities.

“However, it is also clear that the vast majority of organisations feel that they need more money and assistance to ensure their operations are smarter and greener. New programmes, services and funding streams are urgently needed to help voluntary and community organisations lead the way to a greener future.”

Director, West London Of Groundwork London, Ben Coles, said:
“The survey results reveal that third sector organisations now have an even greater desire to reduce their impact on the environment, and we are subsequently seeing higher levels of recycling, a greater awareness surrounding energy consumption and monitoring, and more green procurement than was evident 18 months ago.

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