Measuring Social Value Conference – share your views on SROI

“There is more and more interest in measuring and valuing the impact of organisations on society. The Measuring Social Value Project is hosting a conference where third sector organisations, commissioners and investors will come together to share experiences of how Social Return on Investment (SROI) – one of the most exciting innovations in this field – is being used.”

The conference is on 7 December.  If you are planning to attend, I hope to see you there.  If you aren’t attending but you’re interested, please check back later as I’ll be posting a report here on the blog.  Full details and the opportunity to register can be found on the SROI website, here.

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  1. Posted 24 October, 2009 at 11:43 am | Permalink

    This is an important point to get across to policy makers. They seem to think the ROI on delivering next generation fibre to the home access to broadband to rural people will not deliver a return. Well maybe it won’t for the telcos, but the return for the country, the people, the businesses and the kids will be the true measure of its worth. Too much silo thinking by policy makers, they need to know that the returns don’t always go to the investors but sometimes go straight to the heart of the economy. This country has lost its industries. We are becoming reliant on service industries, the media, the banks, and delivering content. To do this we need a digital infrastructure, not a throttled and capped 1st Generation broadband network using an obsolete victorian phone network. We need fibre to the home. For everyone. Rural especially important because the telcos will take care of the urban population. Currently 90% of the UK land mass is out of range of exchanges capable of delivering even a miserable 2 meg to the people. 40% of the population are currently not able to engage with the rest of the global village. It is a scandal, and is being covered up by quangos like ofcom, who still state on their website that everyone is connected to a dsl enabled exchange. They might be, but it only delivers voice. Not broadband. And in 55 homes near me it doesn’t even deliver decent dial up, and kids are getting detention because the teachers don’t believe they can’t download or upload homework…
    … just saying.
    please help in any way you can

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