Defra research published: Third sector and waste management

Back in November we drew your attention to a key report published by Defra on the Benefits of third sector organisations in waste management.

A further research report has now been published:

WR0502: Social Enterprises and Sustainable Waste and Resource Management: Evaluating Impacts, Capacities and Opportunities
The primary aim of this research was to evaluate the potential capacity of the Social Enterprise (SE) sector to deal with wastes and resources, to assess the ways in which the SE sector can be more effectively included into an integrated and more sustainable waste infrastructure in the UK, and to develop the skills and knowledge capacity of the SE sector through a range of research and communication actions carried out both during the lifetime of the project and following its completion.

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    I think this is an excellent plan for parish councils. Devolve funding to them, they can create a job for someone and supply chippers, concrete pits and machinery, and recycle most of a communities’ waste without landfill even being mentioned. I did think of applying for funding to run a scheme in our village, because I know it would work. My heart bleeds when I see the green wheelie bins going to the tip. I don’t waste anything in my house, even the hoover bag gets emptied onto the compost. when I got married I had two inches of topsoil in my garden. I now have more than a spade depth. It has been created simply from waste. It is a big garden and grows all our veg. I see people chucking away grass cuttings. what a shame.
    I don’t see the point in perpetual surveys and quangos. get the money to the parishes and let them deal with their own rubbish. The time is right, people are becoming more aware. Saturdays are tip days. cut down the carbon foot print by keeping your waste local…

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