New business opportunities in waste and resource management.

On 16 March Hilary Benn announced a new report, entitled “Less is More: Business Opportunities in Waste and Resource Management’.  The report can be downloaded from Defra’s waste and recycling pages.  The report has been produced  jointly between Defra and the Department for Business working with the waste management sector and industry more widely.

The report outlines opportunities for business across the product supply chain, from design through to waste management.

Launching the report, Hilary Benn said:

What’s good for the environment can be good for business. There are real opportunities for British companies who can lead the way in innovative product design and supply systems. We need to be smarter about re-using and recycling waste, getting the full value from our resources rather than simply dumping it in landfill.

If you are interested in this report, please be sure to have a look at this post, which introduces some other Defra reports, on the benefits of third sector organisations in waste management, and the impacts and opportunities for social enterprises in sustainable waste and resources management.

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