SDC report published: the Future is Local

The Sustainable Development Commission (SDC) has finalised an in-depth study into improving the sustainability of existing neighbourhoods and has published the report “The Future is Local: Empowering communities to improve their neighbourhoods”.

The report is the culmination of a year’s work, reviewing over 80 inspirational case studies; working with 50 experts from the fields of community engagement, delivery, and finance; and commissioning technical research.

SDC has found that enabling communities to lead local renewal projects with a neighbourhood-scale approach is the most cost-effective way to ensure that villages, towns and cities are fit for the future and create the conditions for people to thrive.  Through empowering community groups to come together to tackle issues of local priority, and to work in partnership with local authorities and businesses, multiple benefits can be delivered.  Upgrades to physical infrastructure can tackle climate change, deliver reliable and efficient transport networks, improve health and wellbeing, secure a healthy natural environment, improve long-term housing supply, maximise employment opportunities, and make our communities safer and more cohesive.

“The Future is Local” advocates an integrated, area-based approach to retrofitting buildings and upgrading community infrastructure.  The benefits include: reduced cost and disruption; engaging communities; and unlocking smarter finance.

The approach proposes an environmental dimension to the government’s Big Society agenda, and a clear vision for the drive to localism.  The study outlines the key support from all parts of Government to enable neighbourhoods to deliver an integrated, area based approach, and options for financing this.

“The Future is Local” report and report summary can be accessed on this page on the SDC site.  You will also find a link on that page to discuss the report further with SDC staff.

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  1. J.Shaw
    Posted 5 February, 2011 at 1:39 am | Permalink

    Locals in our community have developed a website that is encouraging us all to share stuff ( We can all save money by tapping into local skills and resources. It’s a brilliant idea and should be rolled out across the UK.

    J Shaw

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  1. By Greener Power on 23 July, 2010 at 11:09 am

    Act local…

    While “Think Globally: Act Locally” was a great slogan, like all great slogans its reverberation was louder than its conversion into action, for most of us. I mean, how often do you talk to your next door neighbours. Do you even know their …

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