Defra publishes its third Sustainable Development Action Plan

Defra has published its third Sustainable Development Action Plan (SDAP), which sets out the actions that Defra will take until March 2011.

Government has made it clear that the public sector needs to demonstrate leadership on Sustainable Development (SD). As part of this the UK Government’s SD strategy, Securing the Future, set a requirement for all central Government Departments and their Executive Agencies to produce Sustainable Development Action Plans and to report and update them regularly.

Defra’s third SDAP states that Defra’s role of championing SD cannot be delivered in isolation, it notes the invaluable contribution of the third sector to achieving SD and reaffirms the commitment to work with the sector in the future.  It makes the point that SD is not just about the big things, but also about making real improvements to our quality of life – the third sector is key to ensuring that everyone can play their part.

The SDAP reports on the progress of the initial stages of the Defra-funded Every Action Counts (EAC) initiative, which trained over a thousand Community Champions who will be taking forward their training to guide community groups to reduce the carbon footprint of their community.  Out of the EAC initiative also came the Third Sector Declaration on Climate Change. 252 groups signed the Declaration; recognising the threat that climate change poses to the poorest in the UK and around the world, and committed to tackling that threat.  The SDAP also refers to the work of the Ministerial Taskforce on Climate Change, the Environment and Sustainable Development.

The SDAP and further information can be found on the Defra website, here.

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