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Muck In4Life comes to London

Huw Irranca-Davies, Defra’s Third Sector Minister (centre), with Debbie Leach of Thames21 and Mick Denness of BTCV The Muck In4Life roadshow came to the Defra Atrium today. The campaign to get families engaged in environmental volunteering activities has been touring the country and been a part of local events such as County shows. Although Muck In4Life has been [...]

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The Environment Sector and Race

Michael Shamash – DITO, Tower Hamlets | Chris Church – Director CEA | Julian Agyeman – Tufts University GUEST POST from Capacity Global Could the environmental sector do a better job of engaging with ethnic and other minorities and helping them solve their problems? Yes it could, by a long way. According to a new [...]

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A field day with the CRC and The Co-operative

I have spent the last day in Cambridgeshire on a Rural Experience field trip organised by the Commission for Rural Communities and The Co-operative. We spent the day visiting renewable energy projects including: Coldham wind farm and education centre; Elm Primary School where four pupils talked about their wind turbine and photo voltaic units; McCains [...]

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Third Sector’s profile rides high but do we realise it?

An important part of the work of the Third Sector team is the raising of awareness within Defra of how the Third Sector can help us develop better policies and deliver on our objectives. We take a multi-channel approach to this and one important channel is Defra’s magazine ‘Landscape’ which is produced to a high [...]

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Regional Climate Projections Training Opportunities

Climate change will affect is all. But how will it affect your own community? We are very keen that third sector organisations do not miss the opportunity for FREE training in the UK Climate Projections tools. These tools are now available online and accessible to everyone. Each region will have a week of ‘Projections in Practice’ [...]

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Compact consultation events

As part of the consultation on the refreshed Compact, the Commission for the Compact has arranged a series of events across the country addressing various themes. Below is the latest breakdown of these events (a few details are missing, but the core content is there). Please note that the first event is scheduled for Thursday 3 September [...]

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